Telegraphic Transfer Service

This is a funds transfer service where the bank remits money on behalf of its clients to foreign countries, in foreign currencies. Telegraphic Transfer payments are effected on behalf of customers through SWIFT transfers. We deal in all major currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP and ZAR. It is efficient, secure and irrevocable. The rate, charges and value date are specified at the point of doing the transaction. The bank usually settles TT on the same date.

Foreign currency swaps

This involves the exchange of currencies at spot current date with one or more associated forward deals or “legs”, where one currency amount is fixed.

Forward Exchange Contracts

This involves the buying and selling of foreign currency for delivery in the future. The product hedges against foreign exchange rate risks and the availability of forex.

Purchase and sale of foreign currency

Forex Cash Trading is applicable to exchange control requirements and refers to spot cash purchases and sales done at the banking centers of the Bank. All Forex cash is sold only to travelling members of the public with proof of travel in form of tickets and passports. CDH Investment Bank offers competitive exchange rates for Forex Cash Trading

Documentary collections

This is an instrument for an exporter or supplier instructing a local bank to collect payment immediately or at a future date, from an imported or buyer against delivery of relevant commercial documents.  The exporter is able to maintain control of the consignment until payment is made or acceptance of the bill of exchange is obtained from an importer.

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Letters of credit

It is a written undertaking by a bank, at the request of a buyer in favor of a seller, to pay against bills of exchange, drafts or documents that comply with defined terms and conditions of payment.

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